Saturday, February 28, 2015

Relaunch of MyClass2.0: Another Breadcrumb on the Trail

Since the turn of the century, known to my generation as Y2K aka the apocalypse that wasn't, I have left a fractured trail of blogs across a variety of platforms on a variety of topics. But this time I believe will be a bit different.

On Monday, March 2, I begin my new position as District Technology Instructor for Montgomery Public Schools. This will involve a lot of teaching professional development and helping out individual schools.

But I think PD should be a more organic thing. We tell students to be life-long learners to the point it is a cliche. But many of us stop learning. It is easy to understand why: so much PD is excruciatingly mind numbing. Of course there are exceptions. For example, any PD offered by the Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX) is outstanding. Many sessions at ed tech conferences such as the Alabama Educational Technology Conference (AETC) are amazing. I hope PD I develop for MPS is also engaging.

But part of learning as an educator involves immersion in the environment of learning. Reading blogs and using Twitter regularly helps us all interact with other educators and maintain awareness of the latest tools and research.

To those ends I plan to use this blog regularly and increase my Twitter presence. I was just getting into a groove of blogging and had a healthy Twitter presence until I started back to grad school. But now I am considering it as part of the job description. This blog is only one part of the strategy. I plan on making the hashtag #MPSedchat a well used stream on  Twitter. As of this writing there is a little activity where the Minot Public Schools debate using it as their hashtag and move on to another option, Hopefully as time passes we will schedule regular chats and use the hashtag regularly.

If you have suggestions for tools, resources or PD ideas, please email me.

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